A Love Gone Amiss

Oh, how softly does the wind blow, to places to which I do not know.

Deeply finished in my mind, and gorgeously imprinted in my heart, soul and life,

Alone, I fight the sorrow amidst, a long forgotten kiss.


One day in particular, I see you in the rush, driven by pure pioneering,

 you, such a penetrable being,

firmly in you ways,

alone for days,

incense burn as you mourn, thinking of your lost love. 


I, needing no nostalgia, stay planted where in am,

not moving forward, or backward with your passionate touch.

Come, sail across the time of our live,

too short to remember.

Come, as you watch the flame die, gone form you sight,

revelations unconfessed.


One creature, like yourself sets out on a quest, becomes passive and decides to sleep,

while I do not replicate your behavoir, continuing on unbroken.

I stare into your eyes, as you recognize, a love gone amiss. 


Inspired by Antonella Anedda’s “A Winter Night in the City”


Ora ha smesso di piovere. Dalla finestra il mondo è a gocce:

un viso senza naso, occhi, labbra. Solo queste minute lacrime

sugli alberi e le case. Una in particolare si rischiara

dove qualcuno piange sulla sua poltrona

composto, fermo solo incerto se la casa somigli

a quelle che abitò in passato e che confonde.


Non è di nostalgia che piange, ma per il peso intero

della pioggia, come se lui fosse il tetto

che sopporta e si scrosta.

Come se l’intero palazzo, gonfio di acqua e  pietra

rivelasse un’offesa.


Una creatura può crucciarsi per questo, passare sveglia la notte

o replicare nel sogno la desolazione. Essere in un burrone.

Stare lì tra la terra, nella pioggia che viene.




Forever a fighter, forever in our hearts.

Her love surrounded, as well as abounded,

Looking at us all with a loving heart,

Cheeky and witty, was our sweet Mimi,

Compassionate and kind even in her hardest battles,

She has now left, but not the memories we have kept,

Both will always live on,  as she looks on, with a watchful and nurturing eye.

Forever a fighter, forever in our hearts.

Ava Alexandra Vacherot



“This is above all”,

To be above or below,

This is below all.






<div style=”font-family: Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; text-align: center;”>Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 – <a href=”http://pendownmythought.blogspot.com/2012/01/haiku-challenge-is-back.html&#8221; title=”Few Miles Haiku Challenge 2012″ target=”_blank”>Day 8 – February 8th – Quote: <b>This Above All, To Thine Own Self Be True</b></a></div>