Dwelling on the past,

Always thinking about the future,

Where is the present?

Are you living it?

Are you stopping to smell the roses?

Or is it all a blur?

Do you really know what is happening?

Never live in any place but now,

The past is finished,

The future has yet to happen,

Live your life in present tense.




A bump in the road appears,

You turn the wrong way out of control,

Out of proportion,

Gain control,

Start again,

Begin a new plan,

Next idea.


The knuckle of you passenger clutches the chair,

Life on the line,

When driving with you,

Relaxing music plays,

Although to the passenger,

It does not make a sound,

Next station.


You slip and slide on the road,

Ice is the reckless driver,

You begin to whir toward the edge of the road,

No railing,

Both you and the passenger sit transfixed,

No next life.



The closest thing to perfection,

Humans can not deny,

To see day to day,

Must pound on the heart,

How an you bear to not stare at the beautiful figure,

With the dazzling, blue eyes,

Tall and lanky,

With gorgeous features,

You have left me speechless,

And stolen my heart.


False Eyes

Mind believes what the eye can not see,

Mind over matter,

Or matter over mind?

Perhaps a question,

Perhaps an answer,

Will it resolve into something greater,

Maybe deteriorate into nothingness?

We will be in doubt,

Until the event brings itself into reality,

That day will come when we will know,

And have peace in our mind,

Another matter of the mind.

Never to end,

And never to begin.




No end to the suspense,

Love in another’s arms,

I listen to the romance spoken,

The beautiful, self-loathing boy,

And the normal girl,

Not the ordinary love story,

A dream,

For me there is no putting the book down,

Wishing Bella’s reality was mine,

I shall until my own Twilight.




This small bag sits,

Upon my shoulder lays the strap,

Secure and safe.

The bag contains artifacts,

The artifacts of my childhood,

Long gone and away,

Never to return.

Beach days,

Hotel stays,

This bag has endured.

Open the bag,

Seek the memoirs,

They have returned.

A small shell remains,

A piece of my heart,

This bag has been with me from the start.