The news says one thing,

Your heart says another,

Thunder rumbles as you quietly think,

Not so quietly the thunder clashes,

You jump with fright,

You see a new headline,

Floods are on the way,

You race outside to pile the sandbags,

But then you see the water hurdling towards you,

You run as fast as you can,

Luck is on your side,

You did not die…yet.

You are still being put to the test,

New reports are about to be spoken,

But that thunderstorm you forgot about,

Took out you electricity,

What could be worse?

You are trapped in your house,

With your electricity out,

The fury of the elements.


Away we go!

Jump upon the brave stallion,

Reigns in hand,

No ideas of where to go,

Just wit, will and valiance.

You start off into the unknown,

Hoping for a destination,

After a long ride,

Your horse stops.

You are home.

The place you lost,

The place your horse found,

The family outpours,

Love is in the air.


Sorry. Again

Hello May Challengers! You guys have been doing a great job. Me…not exactly. Which is why I am done with the challenge. It has been hard. I am sorry I could not do it. However,You guys can still write to the prompt until the end of the month. Do lighten the mood… I am going to open Five Word Friday. It is the same scheme as  http://www.threewordwednesday.com/ but on a different day. I am going to start a new site for it. I will let you know when it is open. Thanks for your participation.

Sorry again.


New Skin

Open the door,

What is inside?

A jumble,

A mess,

A untidy sight.

Cleaning is a new word,

To the fixer-upper at my feet,

What should happen first,

The walls,

The floor,

All must be ripped.

Tear away,

Take down,

The canvas widens,

A naked room.

Subject to change.


No Reply…

Why is this man here?

I know we sent an invitation,

But he gave no reply,

I can see the fury in his eyes,

Why is he so upset?

Does he think we forget?

Why did they start?

Am  I not a guest?

They never sent an invitation,

So I did not reply.

This is rather rude,

I am upset.

They have me as evidence that they do forget.

I play my lute merrily,

What is the disturbance about?

I will wonder and wonder,

Is this a man they forgot?

However, against my wishes,

I will keep playing,

Like the Titanic musicians,

I will stay loyal to my intruments.

Until the end.


May 19th: Circus Act

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