Welcome to the May Poetry Challenge

Hello to all you poets hungry for new prompts! This is another one of those poem-a-day challenges. If you are one of those people who like to get these things done early, there is a page on my blog listing them. I will put you on the link list as soon as I can. Here are the basics:

1. I am set to EST, so bear with me!

2. Submit your poem in the comments section of my posts. Leave your link and the name you wish to be listed under!

3. Please visit others!

4. Please leave the URL of that particular blog post, not your blog.

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Thanks! I hope I am not  alone in this adventure. If you have any questions just drop me a comment check back, and I will answer.


Bare View

Singing air's song,
Gliding over daylight,
Up and over all the hills,
I fly over seas,
Some I just skim,
Above the dangers,
However I land,
Against the plan,
With I a frown on my face,
For I shall never fly again.



Bottled- up emotions,

Blocked up right inside,

The outside world distant,

All so far,

This is stress,

This is life in a jar.

Living up to expectations,

Having no trace of feelings,

That are your own.

You walk a fine line between sanity and insanity.

Stuck in never ending tightness.

Life in the jar.

The glass cage.



Fingers snap,

Feet tap,

A bodily instrument,

An imitator.

Drums beat,

Metronomes tick,

The beat will eventually stick.

A brush stroke angrily caresses the canvas,

The inspiration pouring from their fingertips,

Will it be finished in time?

Stress builds,

Time hastens,

The movement of the brush slows,

The work is done.



Let the water flow,

And take me where it wants to go,

Just as if I was on a boat,

Sailing peacefully through my dreamland,

Someone wake me from this sleep,

So I do not drown in the ocean deep,

My life depends on you,

What will you do?

As I float merrily along,

Towards the thrashing waves,

Will the goodness in your heart tell you to save?

Disaster is nearing,


Suddenly you leap in,

With your heart drumming,

You shake and shake,

So I shall wake,

I do,

And I see you.



Light cascades through the light,

Pouring the evidence into sight,

The deceiving colors that pretend,

Happiness abounds and joy ascends,

Why must this collapse into nothingness?

The hope was strong,

Yet not strong enough.

We believed,

However sorrow must come,

As I beat on my lonely drum.