We work hard everyday,

So you can stay in the loop,

But you only see the exterior,

Inside we hide secrets,




Among the long fields,

Wheat surrounds,

The blazing sun gives warmth.

Close you eyes,

Feel the heat,

You are spellbound,

The magical aroma of fresh harvest.

You smell the newly mowed grass,

The smell caresses your nose,

A sight to see,

A scent to breathe,

In the evening glow.


Here Now

The family surrounds,

As love conquers all,

Sometimes humans should be semi-permable,

So all the love can came in,

And fill the body,

But the skin can not tell,

If the love is false…



Love, love, love.

The multi-dimensional and decieveing love,

Why must you be a question?

Friends come and go,

Relationships sway and dwindle,

Are feelings the same,

Must they be so uncertain?




Part of the family unit,

However, too many times they are simply treated like friends,

Why are they not treated as a part of the family?

Parents care for all children,

Children do not always care for other children even if relations are within the genes,

Is there are cure to siblings being taken for granted?




If you see them often,

They can be very close,

But if you are far away,

You are like most.

Cousins do not know each other as well as they use to,

Family life has been shattered by the modern age,

This is why when you are with the ones you love,

Be there,

Be here now.