New world,

New life.

So many things to explore,

And so little time.

Human exploration is fundamental,

However it can be detrimental.

Finding out too much is not a good thing.



You may be questioning my logic,

But, too much of a good thing,

Knowledge, in this case,

Is never a good thing.





Write the answer,

Is it right?

No, erase.

The stress rises,

Will this ever end?

Running out of lead,

Running out of rubber,

The answer is near.


Wrong. Again.

The eraser is gone,

No more room for mistakes.

And what do you know,

You have all the knowledge it takes.








Insane costumes,

Cartoon hair,

Circus is that right there,

Flashing lights,

Screaming kids,

Surely this is where the magic is.

Acrobats flying,

Tame tiger,

The ringmaster is holding the ring of fire.



Glowing eyes,

What is this?

Says those courageous children of his,

This is the greatest show on Earth.


Clowns collide,

Acrobats fall,

The magic is so quickly gone.

It was a dream,

Now it is a nightmare!

What will you chose?

Circus dreams or circus nightmares?