Bottled- up emotions,

Blocked up right inside,

The outside world distant,

All so far,

This is stress,

This is life in a jar.

Living up to expectations,

Having no trace of feelings,

That are your own.

You walk a fine line between sanity and insanity.

Stuck in never ending tightness.

Life in the jar.

The glass cage.



Let the water flow,

And take me where it wants to go,

Just as if I was on a boat,

Sailing peacefully through my dreamland,

Someone wake me from this sleep,

So I do not drown in the ocean deep,

My life depends on you,

What will you do?

As I float merrily along,

Towards the thrashing waves,

Will the goodness in your heart tell you to save?

Disaster is nearing,


Suddenly you leap in,

With your heart drumming,

You shake and shake,

So I shall wake,

I do,

And I see you.



The small flame,

Sometimes the big flame,

The use of the lighter is abused,

As matches a flint were once used.

A candle can be big,

A candle can be small,

A small flame can penetrate them all,

Melt them down into hard wax,

Proving to be nothing more than a fragile piece of matter.

Showing it’s true colors,

Leaking through,

That is the great despair of a candle.

Never to win against the battle of fire.

Your time is running out.



A freedom from the pain,

An escape from the vain words you uttered,

A flee from your mind games.

Away from the sorrow,

No more sitting silently through the agony.

Heartbroke and so happy,

To be away from the stress.

And the excess.

An escape.


Rules for Friends

Welcome to the Warmth and Friendship Club!

We just have to lay out some ground rules,

No negative anything,

To get in our way,

Because we can not afford to waste a day,

Life is too short,

Which reminds me of rule # 2,

If you are ever feeling blue,

We will help you.

Through thick and thin,

Friendship is sure to begin.






Struggling against the current,

Strong-willed and small,

I am but a fish.


Will this agony ever end?,

I say as I try to find my lost fish friend,

He got pulled away by the current,

Will the current take me?


Life is a roller coaster,

Or for fish, a water park,

Interesting adventures,

And deadly flops.