Paper blank,

Mind blank,

Words are nowhere in sight.

Pen touches page,

With a hopeful flourish,

Only to receive great disappointment…

Nothing comes,

A lack of inspiration,

Everything at a halt,

Silent as you stare at the page,

Severe writer’s block.

9 thoughts on “Empty

  1. Hi Ava, read your Bio on the Gooseberry garden.. we’ve all been there.. in my own case it just comes in one mad rush.. then you have to get it down.. you ned a spark.. a picture, a song lyric, something somebody has said..

    oh et j’ai lu que tu veux pratiquer le francais, donc puisque que je suis un anglais qui habite à Lyon en France c’est parfait.. moi je suis “presque” tri-lingue.. c’est à toi maintenant!

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