A bump in the road appears,

You turn the wrong way out of control,

Out of proportion,

Gain control,

Start again,

Begin a new plan,

Next idea.


The knuckle of you passenger clutches the chair,

Life on the line,

When driving with you,

Relaxing music plays,

Although to the passenger,

It does not make a sound,

Next station.


You slip and slide on the road,

Ice is the reckless driver,

You begin to whir toward the edge of the road,

No railing,

Both you and the passenger sit transfixed,

No next life.


11 thoughts on “Next

  1. vivid and breath taking.

    Hello: Happy Weekend!

    Write anything coming to your mind based on the image we provide for week 5,
    Share with us.

    Bless you,
    Hope to read your entry.

  2. But as your other entry says this is the only moment that counts..I like the driving analogy..I hadn’t ever considered there would be a passenger..very fluid write..Jae

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