The news says one thing,

Your heart says another,

Thunder rumbles as you quietly think,

Not so quietly the thunder clashes,

You jump with fright,

You see a new headline,

Floods are on the way,

You race outside to pile the sandbags,

But then you see the water hurdling towards you,

You run as fast as you can,

Luck is on your side,

You did not die…yet.

You are still being put to the test,

New reports are about to be spoken,

But that thunderstorm you forgot about,

Took out you electricity,

What could be worse?

You are trapped in your house,

With your electricity out,

The fury of the elements.


18 thoughts on “Attack

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  2. survival isn’t that easy..Even you survive you’ve to undergo the harder situations.. well could visualize this….very simpler words and strong depiction…

  3. well done.

    you have showcased one particular case, which is enough to enable us to see the aftermath of floods.

    stuck at house with no power, a helpless situation.

    Thanks for sharing.

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