Sorry. Again

Hello May Challengers! You guys have been doing a great job. Me…not exactly. Which is why I am done with the challenge. It has been hard. I am sorry I could not do it. However,You guys can still write to the prompt until the end of the month. Do lighten the mood… I am going to open Five Word Friday. It is the same scheme as but on a different day. I am going to start a new site for it. I will let you know when it is open. Thanks for your participation.

Sorry again.


2 thoughts on “Sorry. Again

  1. No worries. I’m having Blogger issues AGAIN and can’t sign in or post anything to my blog since yesterday. I think I may be looking to switch to a new blog system!!!

  2. Friday Five will be so much awaited ! I do not have any prompt to write for on friday you see 😉

    And it is ok if you could not do this challenge ! Thanks for inspiring so many of us :))

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