May Pole

Little children runneth,

Mesmerized by the pole,

A pole of wonder,

A pole of mystery,

A pole of plunder.

How does thou keep going round and round?

Magic strings attached,

Seemingly never ending,

Yet, it does end,

The cycle dies,

To spin again in a year’s time.


26 thoughts on “May Pole

  1. You’ve just painted the May pole in a new light for me! Funnily enough, I did recently have contact with the May pole and no such inspiration came to me 😀

  2. Very focused I think I see a typo though, I think it’s runneth not runeth but neither is considered a proper spelling these days, since we use running but overall the theme is wonderful.

    I liked it a lot. Just thought I’d point out what I saw and felt in regards to the language department.

  3. Love it! Dancing around the May Pole is a very old tradition here in Sweden for Midsummer. Well, at least the children dance around it. The adults get drunk.

  4. i’d love to hear more on this — it is an excellent poem that would be even better if extended.
    nice work!

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  6. Pingback: Response for Week 3 « The Eyelet Review

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