Open Book?

Deep inside the shelves,

Hiding from the passersby,

The book lay solemnly.

Right in front of my eyes.

I reach my hand to touch,

A faint caress,

In seconds I would hungrily read,

In the shadows where I shall not be seen.

44 thoughts on “Open Book?

  1. This is lovely. Books really do have a way of hiding us from the rest of the world; yet at the same time, we enter a different world within those pages.

  2. This really takes me somewhere. I was reading a historical fiction children’s novel to my students. It was set in about 1000 AD, I think. But there was a peasant boy who could read and the authorities weren’t so pleased. Anyway-it takes me to a place like that. I love to take a trip in a poem.

  3. I like the sense of poignant mystery evoked here… I have to decide if we’re in a state of melancholy or feverish passion. Interesting! You’ve created a lovely tension that makes me want more! Brava!

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  5. Oooh! That’s an interesting one. I tend to weave a world of my own while reading. I even start talking to the characters..

    Very relateable.. πŸ™‚
    Well crafted.. xoxoxox

  6. The tenacity of being engrossed deep in a book can work wonders in that hidden corner. Returning your visit with Thanks.

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