Mona Lisa : Magpie Mondays

Her soft smile,

Her sweet eyes,

Both are filled with distant surprise.

Her relaxed hands have hidden tension.

Contentment and sorrow are present.

Sorrow is like the recessive trait.

Hidden. But is it still there?




Look out!

Hear the carbonation pop!

Powerful and small,

Zany and whimsical,

But it is just science and work.

Funny how we humans find it so amazing,

When it is force of nature.






Insane costumes,

Cartoon hair,

Circus is that right there,

Flashing lights,

Screaming kids,

Surely this is where the magic is.

Acrobats flying,

Tame tiger,

The ringmaster is holding the ring of fire.



Glowing eyes,

What is this?

Says those courageous children of his,

This is the greatest show on Earth.


Clowns collide,

Acrobats fall,

The magic is so quickly gone.

It was a dream,

Now it is a nightmare!

What will you chose?

Circus dreams or circus nightmares?